FMLA Form for Employees 2020

Family Medical Leave Act Form for Employees or WH-380-E for short is the FMLA form for employees seeking leave for their serious health condition. When going on an FMLA leave, you must use the WH-380-E for yourself, using any other form will instantly get you denial and you may miss the 15 days window which you need to file the form after you leave.

Let’s say you went on leave for 10 days on February 10th, 2020. You must submit your complete FMLA Form by February 25th. Not doing might endanger your employment to your current employer. You can complete the WH-380-E FMLA Form for employees online from the U.S. Department of Labor website.

You’ll be getting the form from the Department of Labor but you don’t have to send the form to the agency. If you do so, it will be immediately returned to the sender as the FMLA is between the employer and the employee. The whole purpose of FMLA is to secure the job of the employee when leaving work for a period of time because of their or family member’s health condition.

Family Medical Leave Act Form 2020

You can complete the form online but you will need to take the form to your healthcare provider as their signature is needed and Section 3 of the WH-380-E must be completed by medical professionals. We recommend filling out the parts you need to complete online then print out and take it to your employer and the healthcare provider.

The FMLA Form for Employees can be found below from DOL.

WH-380-E PDF

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