FMLA Forms WH-380-F Printable 2020

There are two WH-380 issued by the Department of Labor. One for the employee itself and the other is for the employee’s family members. Those who need to leave so they can take care of their family members are required to fill the WH-380-F Certificate. Just like the WH-380-E, this form must be completed by the employee, employer, and healthcare provider.

You can complete this form in many ways. You can either print it and complete it by hand or e-mail to your employer and the healthcare provider. Since it can be completed online by opening up the PDF file, so you do not necessarily need to print out the form and take it to your employer and the healthcare provider.

How to get WH-380-F Certificate

Same as any other federal agency, the Department of Labor provides everyone with the necessary documents that they need. The same goes for any other FMLA Forms that you need. As mentioned above, you can fill out the Certificate online and print the completed version.

The information that needs to be detailed on the WH-380-F is very similar to the WH-380-E for the healthcare provider. For the employee, however, it is a bit more detailed since the leave is not for the employee but the employee’s family member.

As an employee, you need to detail your name and the name of the family member you will provide care for, your relationship with the family member, and their date of birth if he/she is your son or daughter. Also, you will list how many days of leave you will need to provide care for that family member.

The part that the healthcare provider will fill out is pretty much the same as the WH-380-E. It details the medical condition of the family member and other facts such as the probable duration of the condition.

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