FMLA Forms WH-382 Printable 2020

WH-382 Designation Notice is the leave contract between the employer and the employee. It should be completed by an HR professional and submitted to the employee. It specifies the number of days that the leave will take place in regard to the employee’s leave.

The WH-382 is submitted after the employee delivers the necessary files for the leave. The WH-382 basically tells if the FMLA has been approved or not. Also, it can tell a few other things about the employee’s FMLA. These include

  • Additional or more information is needed in order to determine if the leave can be approved.
  • FMLA doesn’t cover the leave request because of ineligibility
  • The employee has used FMLA leave entitlement for that 12 month period

Since this is a form that needs to be completed by the Human Resources of the company, employees or employers do not need to sign or complete any part of the form itself.

WH-382 2020 Printable for HR

The Designated Notice for FMLA can be obtained from the Department of Labor website. The form will come in PDF format and can be completed online so you don’t have to print it off and complete it by hand.

Download WH-382 from DOL

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